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HELP is just a click away. Please click on the image above to chat online with one of our company representatives. Bas Connect offers full payroll support be it questions on employee legislation to the ATO reporting requirements.
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Section 1: Frequently Asked Questions

1.1. What's special about BAS Connect' payroll service? It's a fast, reliable and an economical payroll service. Our managed payroll service has fully leverages the Internet saving time and money for you. The end result? We can process your payroll in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, of your current method. Back to top

1.2. Where we have to supply information to you. Do you offer help.? Absolutely. We will give you all the advice you need. Support is just a click away either by our live chat facility or by email. However, after the initial setup the system is so simple you will probably never need it. You can just email your hours to us and we will do you payroll for you. Back to top

1.3. Do I have to give up control of my payroll payments? Not if you don't want to. In fact, you can retain "hands-on" control of the major aspects of distributing and processing payroll payments without the hassles. With BAS Connect' payroll service, your accounts payable person will receive notification when any payment is due along with the required reports and procedure in paying them. Back to top

1.4. How does the process work? It's quite simple. Email/fax us employees hours worked, and we'll do it for you. Tax and other deductions are calculated on payday and a file is automatically created for you to import directly into your internet banking. Pay stubs are automatically created so that they can be distributed to your employees. Many other reports are also available if you wish to pay your employees by manual cheque or fax your payroll to your bank. Back to top

1.5. Some of my employees have direct deposit but others prefer a pay cheque every pay period. Can you handle both groups? Certainly. Although electronic transfer for paying your employees is the most convenient, if you choose you can pay your employees anyway you wish, you are in control Back to top

1.6. Does your service provide the figure to enter into the wages section of our BAS statement and how much to forward to the tax office regarding our employees? BAS Connect payroll service automatically calculates tax deductions, HELP (Higher Education Loan Programme) and other deductions including superannuation. Our service provides all these reports at a click of the mouse. You can get these reports for a pay day or any pay period you desire. Back to top

1.7. Is BAS Connect' payroll service complicated? It's easy to set up and practically effortless to operate from the client prospective. With the help of our client starter pack we will have your payroll set up in no time. You can move on to other aspects of your business! Back to top

1.8. Do I need extra software or equipment? No. All you need is an Internet connection, fax or phone and you're in business. That's it! There is no software to install, upgrade or maintain. Back to top

1.9. Is BAS Connect accurate? Yes. In fact, it's guaranteed accurate. We guarantee that you will never incur an ATO penalty, assuming you provide accurate information. We also guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you're not satisfied with any aspect of BAS Connect, you can cancel your service anytime. You are not locked into a long term contract. Back to top

1.10. How much does BAS Connect' payroll service cost? Traditional payroll service bureaus will charge you twice as much as BAS Connect. You find that our excellent payroll service coupled with our excellent support pays for itself in no time. Click here to get a quote. Back to top

1.11.What about reliability and security? Reliability and security are top priorities. We protect your data with the same care a bank uses to protect its deposits. All data transactions are authenticated and our Web site is secured with 128-bit encryption, a secure socket layer. Back to top

1.12. How can you offer this service with such low rates? BAS Connect leverages the power of the Internet. We have cut out the traditional costs associated with processing payroll: Pay stubs and reports are now delivered electronically (online or by email) instead of physically. We pass these savings on to you. Back to top

1.13. How do I sign up for BAS Connect? It's easy. Simply click here to go to our Contact page, fill out the brief form and we will get back to you almost immediately . We'll have you up and running in no time. Back to top

1.14. What if I need help or have questions? You can reach our customer support team by clicking on the Questions/Help icon on the left of any page of our website. You can get answer to your questions quickly and easily. Back to top

Section 2: Other Common Questions

2.1. Is BAS Connect legally able to do my payroll Yes. We comply with the new BAS Provisions under the new legislation. We are staffed by fully qualified payroll staff and Registered BAS agents. The Australian government now recognizes the complexities of BAS provisions and now requires any one charging a fee for, amongst other matters, ascertaining and giving advice with respect to PAYG withholding or any BAS provision under the law to be registered as a Tax Agent or BAS agent with the Tax practitioner’s board ( It is a requirement of registration that an Agent holds certain qualifications and has adequate experience.. Back to top

2.2. Are BAS Connect staff registered BAS Agents, Is BAS Connect's payroll service legal? Yes. We are registered as "BAS AGENTS". We fulfil all of the requirements of registration. Back to top

2.3. Can the pay calendar be adjusted? Yes. You can move the pay date for a particular payroll or to change your entire payroll calendar. You can contact payroll support for assistance, or send an email with your request to Back to top

2.4. Does BAS CONNECT cater for superannuation and other government obligations?  Yes. You can track superannuation obligations, HELP (Higher Education Loan Programme) as well your PAYG withholding liabilities or any other obligations your employees may have. Our system is completely flexible. Back to top

2.5. Will BAS CONNECT handle the year end process? Yes. Payment Summaries will be produced by BAS Connect. The ATO's copy will be lodged electronically by our software directly to the Australian Tax Office and a paper copy produced for your employeesBack to top

2.6. Can I submit pay adjustments for employees that are separate from their salary? Yes. Within our Journal Data screen we can make adjustments to pay whether they are additional pay adjustment or one-time deductions. If you need further assistance, contact payroll support, or send an email to Back to top

2.7. Can I track employees' hours/salaries to different departments? Yes. We can handle a range of job classifications levels that allows you to report payroll information for different departments, divisions and/or locations. This enables you to get a handle on labour expense allocations. Back to top

2.8. What reports are available to me? Reports can be produced for the entire payroll before it is processed. Employee Level Reports provide complete earnings, taxes and deductions information by employee before the payroll is processed, Payroll Summary details complete earnings, taxes and deductions for each past payroll. Benefits Report outlines the amount of paid time off (i.e. vacation/sick/personal) each employee has earned/used for Period-to-Date AND Year-to-Date. Department Summary Report provides at-a-glance review of employee costs by department, division and/or location. Department Detailed Report provides detailed department costs broken down by employee. Other reports are being evaluated and prioritized for development based on customer input. If you have a specific report you would like to see, please contact payroll support, or send an email with your request to Back to top

2.9. Can my completed payroll data be directly exported into Excel.? Yes. Direct data exports are available in a number of formats. These include Excel, PDF, CSV and a number of other less common formats. Back to top

2.10. Will BAS CONNECT help me track and accrue vacation, sick, and/or personal days? Yes. Within the Personnel Information screen, you will be able to adjust the rate at which each employee earns paid time off such as vacation, sick and personal time. Back to top

2.11. Can an employee receive multiple paystubs within the same pay cycle? Yes. You can process as many pays as you wish. Back to top

2.12. Can we process a separate pay run in addition to the scheduled pay cycle? Yes. This feature is available on request. Contact BAS Connect payroll support. Back to top

2.13. Can pay stubs be reprinted and the bank aba file be reproduced.? Yes. Reports can be produced for back pays if desired. Back to top

2.14 Can I run payroll for employees outside of Australia?  BAS CONNECT only support payroll for employees in Australia. Back to top