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HELP is just a click away. Please click on the image above to chat online with one of our company representatives. Bas Connect offers full payroll support be it questions on employee legislation to the ATO reporting requirements.
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BASCONNECT's payroll services makes completing payroll faster and more cost effective than ever before. BASCONNECT's state-of-the-art payroll processing technology actually makes it easy to submit payroll.

Our payroll services include the Supported Self Managed Payroll Service Plan, the Fully Self Managed Payroll Service Plan, and the Fully Outsourced Managed Payroll Service Plan. The plans are differentiated by the amount of help you need in managing your payroll.

The Supported Self Managed Payroll Service

This plan would be suitable for most small business subscribers. On sign up you are allocated a dedicated payroll profession (Australian Taxation Board Registered BAS agent) to support you in the managing all of your payroll needs. This payroll professional will guide you in setting up your payroll (or set it up for you if you prefer). After the initial setup you will get support on any payroll or software issue thus helping you in staying compliant with all government legislation. You will be given a username and password so that at any time you can log in to the BAS Connect website and check or enter hours worked etc for your employees. Tax and other deductions are automatically calculated and reports available for download listing the amount to pay to your employees, to the Australian Tax Office, to superannuation funds, and other organisations that have been set up. If you agree a monthly audit will be conducted on your payroll data by your dedicated BAS Agent and suggestions made on any changes that you may like to make. These would be recommendations only and are not obligatory. You have full control over how you want to conduct your payroll processes but with the added benefit of a fully qualified payroll professional for support whenever needed. Click here for pricing.

The Fully Self Managed Payroll Service Plan

This plan would be suitable for payroll professionals and experienced payroll preparers. The subscriber uses BAS Connect's online payroll software to prepare his/her payroll while receiving full software support on all aspects of its operation and features. After signing up and choosing a user name and password our website is available 24/7 for payroll processing. You are in complete control of your payroll function. You will find our payroll software easy and efficient to use. No payroll support is included with this plan Click here for pricing.

The Fully Outsourced Managed Payroll Service Plan

This plan would be suitable for small businesses who do not want to employ a person to take any responsibly for payroll. Under this plan BAS Connect manages all of your payroll processes from data entry , employee setup, category set up, etc. to final payment details. Under this plan and after the initial setup by BAS Connect all the business needs to do is send (fax, email) BAS Connect hours worked (for hourly worked employees), new employee information etc. BAS Connect will then process the payroll and provide any reports on who to pay, the amounts and how to pay all payees. For superannuation funds and the like BAS Connect will provide them with the files and information they need. This is our most comprehensive payroll plan. Click here for pricing.

BASCONNECT's payroll services match those offered by larger payroll processing firms, but we have the expertise and flexibility to respond to your company's unique needs-even complicated payroll and emergencies.

BASCONNECT has no salespeople! Instead, our team includes and has access to experienced Accountants, Bas Agents, and payroll professionals ready to address your payroll needs.